Visual Story 101

Join the Community ~ Free Your Voice ~ Create Compelling Content


The Why

There is silent language spoken beneath every image that you see.

A language derived from the entire history of art and story. A language as ancient as it is modern. A language used to craft impactful stories that move viewers to an emotional response.

This language is the art and craft of visual storytelling.

As subtle as it is powerful, this language has become the greatest influencer of human thought to this day. Everyday, staggering amounts of visual content are uploaded by people who understand on a visceral level that they are speaking this language and at the same time are fumbling for words like a toddler with a limited vocabulary.

The best way to learn any language is to immerse yourself in it, but to immerse, you must first learn the fundamentals. Visual Story 101 is a 4 week online study group to learn the fundamentals of this language and practice within a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Together we will unlock the mysterious language of images and strengthen your voice to communicate your message.


The Who

Are you a captivating teacher, coach, speaker, influencer, or activist using social media to grow and impact your community?

Clearly you know that you are not alone. The greatest global increase in the job market over the last decade has been in social entrepreneurship.

With so many people sending out a message, each of us needs something special to break through the noise.

As I look around, I find that many of the top influencers in social media have a background in either film, acting, photography or advertising and that is not by accident. While it is possible to stumble into great content through trial and error, most have accelerated the process through the study of visual storytelling within a community of other creators.

Whether you create all your own content or collaborate with others, learning to speak this language is essential to deepening your impact with your audience.

This is for you if:

  • You are a change maker seeking to create positive impact

  • You are clear on your purpose and seeking to develop communications that align your audience with your mission

  • You desire to hone your presence in front of the camera and come across more “natural”

  • You are longing to cut through the online noise and engage viewers in their body, mind and spirit

  • You need to develop content that compels your audience to action

  • You are seeking a community of influencers to grow alongside and receive constructive feedback from


The What:

The course is designed to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the fundamentals of visual storytelling so that you can begin to think and effectively communicate in the language of this craft.

This course is based in the foundational theory and practice taught at the top film schools in the United States combined with the teachings of leading internet marketers and content creators .

The fundamentals are actually quite simple, but to master them will take time and continual practice. You will not become a master in the craft overnight, but with this knowledge you will become conversant in the language of what you see and hear on the screen, and learn how to put these lessons to practice in your content.

Topics include:

  • A directors vision: Transforming events into compelling stories

  • Understanding shot construction: The emotional impact of images

  • Principles of lighting: Sculpting a three dimensional character

  • Recording quality sound: Knowing what you can and can’t fix

  • Use of music: To increase impact and convey story

  • Communication with photographers/cinematographers and how to choose collaborators

  • Learning how to evaluate what equipment fits your needs

  • Developing a compelling story that results in people taking action


The Instructor

Over the last 11 years I have served as an Instructor and later Diversity Chair and Dean of Students at one of the US’ top 25 films schools. In that time I have taught directing, acting, cinematography, writing, and communication studies. Prior to filmmaking, I spent a decade teaching improvisation as a method of personal development and community dialogue. Why so many topics?

My mission as a storyteller is to collect the ancient and modern wisdom of story and translate it to those who can create the greatest impact on this world.

For many years I believed those people to be filmmakers. More recently I’ve found even greater alignment in communities of social entrepreneurs. Almost a year ago I left teaching film to focus on the impact I can create in sharing wisdom with men and fathers on the journey to reclaiming manhood in service to individual and cultural healing.

Along this new journey I have been blessed to call in an incredible community of coaches, speakers, influencers, and activists who likewise share their voices to impact individuals and society through social media. Many of you have requested feedback and information on how to make better videos and content in general. Because I want to give you the best I have to offer, I have created this program to serve you. Its not simply about the knowledge that I have but the community we create that facilitates the greatest opportunity for learning.


The Logistics:

For over a decade my students have paid almost $4,000 dollars for the information that I share in this course. You will receive the same information and an even higher level of support for $495.

My greatest hope is that this service I provide will be returned to the world in bringing more attention to the work you are creating. I believe that the world needs to hear from more people like you.


Do I need any special equipment? The minimum requirement is a smartphone, hopefully an iPhone, but we can learn more about Android together if necessary.  You may choose to purchase additional equipment, or work with others who have equipment but it is the craftsman, not the tool makes the story compelling.

When will classes take place? After participants commit to the program a time will be determined that works best for all involved.

What if I miss the class?  All classes will be held via Zoom and recordings will be available for anyone who can not attend live, though your presence will allow for better response to questions and discussion. Assignments will be turned in to

Can I complete the projects if I have no one to work with? Collaboration is ideal in order to create the best product, but working alone can also be successful.  

Is there an age limit?  Some of the greatest social media creators are barely out of middle school, but a certain amount of maturity is required for this course. Anyone under 18 will require an additional interview to assess their ability to participate.