Kelly Gardner




A jack of all trades in both film production and community development, I discovered mastery in producing and supporting video content that amplifies the wisdom emerging from individuals and organizations who are raising the vibration of the conversation.

A few of the ways we might work together to amplify your message.

  • Story Coaching - Translate ideas into compelling stories

  • Funnel Content Creation - Attract attention and enhance user experience with professional videos

  • Documentary Production - Partnering in telling stories that make a difference 

We get to work together…

If this is you, there is a good chance that we get to work together.

  • You and/or your organization is purpose driven

  • You are driven by a vision that brings healing to individuals and communities

  • You find that words alone rarely capture the impact of the experience you create

  • Your current content underperforms in engagement and/or conversion

  • Confidentiality and safe space create challenges in capturing your work

  • You struggle with communicating on camera the way you show up in person



For 4 years we have not let anyone deep into the room for BRIDGE EXPERIENCE because it’s SOOOOOO deep, and SOOOOO personal. But Kelly offered and it was an instant YES! What he created was a beautiful snap shot of an intense, fun, heart opening weekend.
— Preston Smiles; Author, Coach, Influencer
One of the greatest things I have gotten from Kelly is the ability to stand confidently in front of a camera and know that I am transmitting my message right into the hearts of the people who are listening.
— Jeddy Azuma; Host of The Rising Man Podcast
Kelly has given me a new perspective when it comes to filming and i’m truly grateful for his wisdom and dedication.
— Aubert Bastiat, Founder of Sacred Sons
Before I met Kelly I was struggling to convey a message through video and spark emotions, learning the structure of story changed everything and allowed people to really feel my message.
— Andrea Tindiani
Kelly is so clearly supportive and sincere in caring for his students that they were able to question their work without questioning their worth.
— Matthew Kohnen, Award winning Filmmaker and Educator


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