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Who has your Back?

As a founding father of the Conscious Men Brotherhood with Preston Smiles and a participating member in several men’s groups, I get to live every day with the support of men who have my back, show me my blind spots, and hold me in integrity to my highest self. My mission is to see a world where every man has this same level of support.

  • Are you aware that life holds so much more but not sure how to access it?

  • Do you find yourself stuck in the circumstances of your life or relationships and can’t see the options?

  • Are you looking for a place to drop your mask and be fully authentic about life and your experiences

  • Do you find yourself exploding or on the verge of breaking down and need an outlet to express what is coming up?

  • Are you seeking a safe space to explore, expand and elevate your role in life?

  • Are you ready to create the relationships that are life affirming and support your highest purpose?


Unleash the Beast

Unlock your PURPOSE, Conquer FEAR & Step into your POWER

This 2-day experiential workshop is a hand on, belly to belly weekend. It’s not a seminar where you take notes, rather learn, implement and embody how to unlock your purpose, conquer fear and step into your power through a range of exercises, challenges and stretches.

Coming to Los Angeles September 21st-22nd 2019

Message for more details

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Man Cave with Preston Smiles

3 month virtual leveling up. 33 men step out and explore what it means to be them, expand what they think is possible, and elevate their mind, body and soul in the process. It's a safe container to unfold and remerge. It's an arena for men to take their lives to the next level. It's in your face, no BS coaching, daily accountability, and deep distinctions to apply in your life.

Let’s Talk, and discover where you get to grow.

Click here to apply and use the code KellyCave250 for a $250 discount.



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